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Adrenal Cocktail 🚀 | ⬆️increase energy, ⬇️lower blood pressure & decrease water retention 💦

Most of us are extremely imbalanced, as it relates to the dynamic duo Potassium and Sodium. It is more likely that we are lower on Potassium and higher on Sodium. Especially, those of us on a whole food diet that predominately comes from real foods versus the cheap, preserved options that are packed with Sodium. The RDA suggests a minimum of 4,700 mg of Potassium per day. 2,300 mg is the RDA for Sodium. If you are active and reside in an area that is hotter in climate, then we can assume your minimums are higher than the aforementioned amounts. Although, I can’t prescribe certain dosages, one thing is clear and that is you should be consuming at least twice as much Potassium than Sodium. Most of us are not.

There’s an article published by Harvard Medical School that explains when we have too much sodium and not enough potassium that our body rids out the excess sodium via urine. Unfortunately, this rids potassium, too. Then what we have is a further imbalance of high sodium that water follows. This causes water retention and increased blood pressure, which puts excess load on the heart.

List of symptoms from Jigsaw Health that your adrenals are fatigued:

  • Bloating (water retention)
  • Heavy caffeine use
  • Stress
  • Low energy
  • Tired in the morning and more energy in the evening
  • Poor immune system
  • Cravings for salty foods

Separately from water retention, these minerals being balanced have so many roles and a main function is allowing the muscles to relax and contract properly. Many of us have tight muscles, prone to strains/cramps and chalk it up to being “dehydrated”. This must mean you need to drink more water, right? Wrong! You do not need more water, you need more minerals. At this point, we all know we should be taking bio-available magnesium throughout the day. In addition to that, we should be consuming 2-3 adrenal cocktails between meals in mid morning and mid afternoon daily.

If you click on the Harvard article above, you will see a list of foods that contain high amounts of Potassium and Sodium. You should be eating a whole food diet where you add Sodium to your foods for taste. Potassium, on the other hand, should be consumed predominantly from foods. It is challenging to get enough of these minerals from food alone when you are on a clean diet, so that is where these Adrenal Cocktails come in. The Whole Food Vitamin C (Camu Camu Powder) is what helps delivery of these minerals to the Liver. This way our body can put the full dose to work.

In general, any “Adrenal Cocktail” recipe should deliver approximately:

  • 375mg of Potassium
  • 460mg of Sodium
  • 60mg of Wholefood Vitamin C

Here is what I take as my DIY recipe:

  • 1/4 teaspoon of Cream of Tartar
  • 1/4 teaspoon of Icelandic Sea Salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon of Camu Camu Powder

Here is a capsule product that includes the recipe outline above, if you don’t want to make your own. CLICK HERE. Obviously, the DIY is more cost effective, but regardless both options give you what you need.

We are excited for you to feel better. What better time to start this than in the heat of summer? Let us know how you feel.

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W.E. A.R.E. O.P.E.N. ‼️

We’ve missed you so very much, and we are SO excited to announce we will be opening our doors in just 1 day!

CFCT opens on 6/13/2020!!

As you know, you won’t be returning to the same CFCT you left. Until the threat of the virus is behind us, we have to take precautions to make sure we can stay open. Here’s how you can help keep our CFCT safe for everyone:

  • Wait outside until it’s 15 minutes before your class starts. We want to limit the amount of people in the facility at one time.
  • You may stay at the gym for 15 minutes maximum after your scheduled class time ends. 
  • The only way to come to class is if you reserved a spot via Zen Planner Member App
  • Please allow Coach to check your temperature with a contactless device 
  • Wash your hands as you come in and again as you leave. 
  • Please don’t share equipment 
  • Follow our cleaning procedures and clean every piece of equipment you use.
  • Once you’re done with your class or appointment, please leave CFCT so our staff can clean for the next class. 
  • PLEASE do not come to CFCT if you are sick or don’t feel well.
  • If you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 please let us know.  

Feel free to reach out if you have questions about any of these new guidelines. It’s an adjustment for all of us, but we know we can all work together to make CFCT a safe and fun place to stay fit and healthy.

Finally, remember to have fun! Things will be different, but we’re still the same community. Allow yourself grace as you transition back, but also be prepared to crush it! 

We can’t wait to see you! 


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Equipment COLLECTION party ‼️

Remember this? Equipment Disbursement Party

With less than 24 hours notice and within 2 hours our gym was COMPLETELY wiped out. Let’s see if we can PR that this time.

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 6th


Please take inventory of what you were loaned out and make sure it is all there. Also, please take the time to sanitize the equipment before returning it.

We are taking the necessary steps now to be ready for our grand reopening.

If you are uncomfortable rejoining us soon and would like to continue renting out equipment to follow along with our program from Zoom at your home gym, please send us an email at

We’ll have those type of memberships available, too.

We’re looking forward to getting back in the gym with you all soon. We have a lot of catching up to do. I think we all agree nothing compares to having a community of like minded people working toward a common goal together.

See you tomorrow,

Coach WW

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✏️ Short survey ⚖️ for current members. Please reply today ‼️


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ATTN: Parents re: Kids CrossFit today…4pm class starts NOT 5pm

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Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo 🌮WOD w/ guest appearance

Good evening CrownTown Fam,

Here is the direct link for Tuesday morning’s workout. CLICK HERE

I will be taking a test for the Air Force all day tomorrow.

Thank you for your understanding. Have fun watching Christian Younes go HAM‼️

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🗣 ATTN ALL PARENTS; get your kids involved

Prior to lock down, we didn’t offer a kids program. Now we have a Monday, Wednesday and Friday online class for kids at 5pm. Using the Zen Planner app to see the schedule and clicking directly on the Zoom link will take you right to the class. If you happen to miss the live stream, or want to make up a class later then go to the Facebook member page to find the link we copy/paste in the comments of the original Facebook stream. It’s a recording of the Zoom. For instance, here is yesterday’s session.


This is a 45 minute fun filled session that includes a warm up, teaching them a new skill, a workout and a warm down. We also teach the kids about nutrition and overall health. We know that kids are out of school for months, so missing out on recess, 100 mile club, sports and other physical activities can have adverse long term effects. Please take the time to plug your kids in. Download the apps on their devices, help them get started and encourage them to get involved. This can be their PE, recess or sport they are missing.

Some benefits we have noticed at home is improved behavior, going to bed on time, eating healthier, more confidence and more.

Did you know? Through adolescent years, the number of fat cells acquired is a combination of genetics and lifestyle. That being said, you can minimize the amount of fat cells your kid has for their entire life. After adolescence the fat cells can only expand and contract, but the amount stays the same. In other words, with lack of exercise and poor eating habits, the parents are responsible for the amount of fat cells their kids acquire. It should be a high priority to all parents to reduce the amount of fat cells to as little as possible and once the child is grown it’s on them to shrink or expand. You did your part, but right now they don’t know any better. It’s on YOU!

This service wasn’t provided prior to lock down. We added it to provide you with more value at no cost to you. If you have kids, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be involved with us. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or need help with the technology.

We look forward to seeing more kids participate. Shout out to all of the parents who have been regularly participating. The Franks, the Aguilar’s, the Barr’s, the Van Munyen’s, and the Perez’s.

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