How To Get Started

At CrownTown, we pride ourselves in having the most supportive, and inspirational community of members of any gym in the area. We also have a Coaching Staff that is second to none. Each Coach has at a minimum a CrossFit L1 Certification, and some have Nutrition, Mobility, Endurance, Gymnastics, and L2 Certifications. Last, but not least, our facility has a high standard for providing the cleanest gym possible to it’s members. We hired a professional cleaning service, own top notch cleaning equipment, and invest a lot of money to have the best cleaning supplies to maintain it’s cleanliness between cleaning intervals.




Step 1: Fill out a waiver here

Step 2: Fill out membership agreement here

Step 3: Text or call 951-751-8696 to schedule your first of three private sessions with one of our Coaches, or email us at admin@crossfitcrowntown.comewwwwxt/Call us at (951) 751-8696

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