2019 CrownTown Games – CTG apparel ❗️

2019 CrownTown Games 💪🏼🏆🏋🏻‍♂️🤸🏽‍♀️

image (2)

Womens tank

image (1)

Womens tee


Mens tee

All shirts are $20. Order yours now, so we can wear them for the event. Ideally, we’ll submit the order midweek next week and have them the following for week 2 of the CTG. All shirts are Next Level Apparel, and the men’s tees are the same cut as the blue ones. The other tanks and shirts are all women sizes and also Next Level. You can order yours by asking a Coach at the gym or clicking on the link below.

Click to here order your shirt(s) now!



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Save the date; Annual CrownTown Holiday Party announced 🎉 RSVP today 🎟

Each year we found that some members were unable to attend the party due to other work parties and holiday obligations. Therefore, we’ve decided to help alleviate that holiday rush by simply pushing our party out until after the 1st of the year. 

📍Where: Luna Modern Mexican Grill

📆When: Friday, January 11th, 2019

🕖Starts: 7pm

🕚Ends: 11pm

We look forward to celebrating the holidays and ringing in the New Year with all of you during a night of music, dancing, food and drinks! 🍹🍻🌮🕺🏻💃🏻

RSVP here now

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How to reduce the likelihood of unfavorable weight gain during the holidays. (Impromptu Nutrition Challenge); 30 days

*updated Sunday, 11/18

We’ve extended the starting date until Tuesday, 11/20 due to not everybody having a Facebook and allowing those that don’t a chance to get involved with the challenge.

📝Studies show that the majority of Americans put on the most amount of unwanted weight during the holidays. I wouldn’t disagree that rings true to us as well. Most people in SoCal are highly motivated in the beginning of the year, or during the summer. Towards the end of the year many people lose motivation to eat right and have excuses in the back of their minds “I’ll just start fresh Jan 1st eating good”, or “just the holidays and then back at it 100%”. Screw that mindset!


💪🏼 Very quick and very easy:

• $20 buy in WINNER TAKES ALL !

• before & after pics only

• Coach’s committee decides winner based on biggest visual change in 30 days

• starts this Saturday, 11/17

• ends Sunday, 12/16

• No body fat, no attendance, no MEPs! Want to cheat during Thanksgiving? Fine, pics are all that matters and 1 day in 30 is not a big deal, but if people have the normal holiday mindset it’ll be far more than 1 day of slipping

Take your before pics and bring $20 cash to the gym on Monday or Tuesday to enter !

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Thanksgiving week gym schedule; and some insight on food

Hey CrownTown Fam,

We wanted to share our holiday week schedule in advance, so you can plan to get your 3+ workouts in for the week. Here it is:

WCF schedule 👆🏼

White = Coed CrossFit

Gray = BaseFit

Dark Blue = SHRED

Light Blue = Endurance

Red = WCF & Coed CrossFit

Also, somethings to keep in mind for the holiday. Thanksgiving is a holiday to be with family and reflect on what you’re thankful for. NOT to pig out and make the holiday about food. We all are very aware that no matter how often and how hard we workout, that it will not make up for poor nutritional habits.

Here’s a valuable tool via Instagram post for how to respond to the uncomfortable comments people make (apparently studies show the #1 stressor of people trying to eat good is social situations):


• always eat protein first (protein regulates the insulin response of foods)

• eat slow; chew your food slow (it takes 16-20 minutes for satiety to kick in; if you eat fast you will most likely overeat)

• one plate is enough (3-6 ounces of meat, some vegetables, a starch, etc). Try not to overdo the gravy and sauces those are where sugar and fats are abundant

Remember that a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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SHRED/Open Gym; come workout with a Coach

Hello All,

We wanted to send out a memo, as it relates to the SHRED classes. We offer these classes 4 times throughout the week (Tuesday 7:30am & 4pm, Thursday 7:30am, Friday 4pm). Originally, everyone at the gym during that time would be doing the SHRED workout. Although, some still do this, some are doing the CrossFit workout, while others are making up a different workout they missed. All of these are fine. In fact, we’ve decided to make this time “Open Gym”, and an opportunity for the members to workout along side some of their Coaches. There will always be a Coach on site that will be happy to answer any questions you have. All of the other classes we offer require full attention from the Coach. That’s why there’s never a Coach working out while they are Coaching.

With all of this in mind, we have some really fit Coaches. That’s why we recommend having some fun, get inspired and join them for a workout. If you still want to do the posted SHRED workout, the BaseFit workout, or makeup last week’s Endurance class those are all okay, too; just know the Coach won’t call up the group to go over the workout, or warm you up. The Coach will make themselves known and then you are free to join them for the workout, or do your own thing. This Open gym time is for all CrossFit members only. 

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

-CrossFit CrownTown Staff

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🔝 quality apparel only:

Next Level tees same as our heather gray version last run

Baseball tees are soft triblend Next Level brand

zip up hoodies are American Apparel F497 same make/model as our original hoodies that have proven their worth since 2011. Option for logo on front or back. We tried many styles and we’re coming back to this one for a reason.

All unisex sizing, first time royal blue baseball tees and hoodies, and first time royal blue with this logo.

For a limited time only you can save 💰 by placing your order now. Click on the attached link and place your order now. 👍🏼


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💥 New Promotion starts today❗️

💪🏼 Give some Fitness…get some Franklin’s! 💵

A referral is the best compliment we can receive. And, we do get many referrals (thank you!). In the past, we make sure to recognize and typically give you some supplements or apparel. Now, we’ve decided to take it a step further and for the next 6 months we are offering this tiered referral program for all current members:

  • 1 qualified* Referral = $75 retail gift card for any retail item sold at CrossFit CrownTown

  • 2 qualified* Referrals = 1 month FREE membership 

  • 3 qualified* Referrals = $100 gift card to the place of your choice

After 3 referrals, we will continue to offer the same reward over and over with no limit to how many you can receive. For example, you’ll get an additional $100 gift card for each qualified referral. As another example, someone who refers 4 people in the next 6 months will be rewarded with a $75 retail credit, 1 free month membership, and $200 in gift cards.

Thank you in advance for your referrals and we look forward to getting as many of your friends/family to reach their health and fitness goals while getting you rewarded! Let us know if you have any questions. Text us at 951-751-8696 or email at poweredbyww@gmail.com

*a qualified referral is any CrossFit membership with a 6 month agreement

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📣 ATTN CrossFit 🏋🏻‍♂️ athletes: eat this way and you WILL reach your goals❗️

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🔥 Saving up to 20% on your supplements takes less than two minutes❗️

Click here

We are accepting new requests for July’s “Be Lean & Save Green”. The deadline is this Friday, June 15th. You can also submit a form to make any changes to your current plan. See details below.

Three options:

  1. “Essential Package” 2 item subscription: 10% off

  2. “RX Package” 3 item subscription: 15% off

  3. “Athlete Package” 4+ item subscription: 20% off 

Here are some of the benefits:

Never pay for shipping

Cancel anytime

Change your package anytime

Restart anytime

Always get a discount (up to 20%!)

3 Monthly Package Options

Never run out of product

We decided to come up with this program to help us save time with ordering supplements. There are many different brands/flavors to choose from and it’s a challenge to keep the right inventory in to support your needs. Instead of guessing, ordering too little/much, wasting products that aren’t sold, selling out of popular products you want to buy and are completely out of. Forcing you to go without product while we wait for the order(s) to arrive.

Now with Be Lean & Save Green we’ll place our orders specifically based on your requests, and we’ll have your orders ready for pick up at the beginning of each month. You won’t have to worry if we have your favorite flavor or product in stock. Your name will be on your product and it won’t be sold to anyone else. We’ll handle the transaction automatically with your payment info on file.

Of course, we’ll still be stocking  and selling products not part of Be Lean & Save Green. However, they will be full retail price since we are basically keeping the products in stock until someone purchases them. Given the fact that you are helping us save time, we are showing our appreciation with the chance for you to save up to 20% on all of your supplement needs. Simple. You save us time, we give you a discount! All supplements qualify. 

*offer excludes C2O, FitAid, Aqua Hydrate, and RX Bars

**subject to change without notice

Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to getting as many of you set up as possible and streamlining your supplement needs.

-CrownTown Staff

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You can’t out exercise a bad diet, but here’s 4 ways how you can minimize the effects of “cheating”.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Coach WW’s YouTube channel.

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