Why you should throw away your multi vitamin right now…

I know what you are thinking. “Vitamins and minerals are good for you; it makes no sense to throw them away”, or “You cannot get all the micronutrients you need from food alone”. You are partially right in thinking this way, but let me explain.

If you go back in history all the way back to industrial revolution and the burning of fossil fuels, you will understand the entire mosaic of our food system. These pollutants have created a smoke ring around our Earth, and the process of our spring water starts with rain. This rain passes through the smoke ring to become acid rain. Most filters do not get out the liquids from this process (nitric and sulfuric acids).

Combine this with the mass production of foods, no regenerative farming, and the spraying of pesticides on our food sources. Our soil is depleted. Our water is tainted. We are not getting the same nutrients from our foods that we once got.

Yes, we must supplement certain vitamins and minerals in order to combat these issues. However, the “if 1 is good then 10 is better mindset” does not apply to micronutrients. We do not need all vitamins and minerals in a multi vitamin. Minerals need to be regulated. For instance, copper regulates iron, and magnesium regulates calcium. Too much of one can cause dysregulation, and take your body out of homeostasis.

Some micronutrients we can get from food alone, and others we have been consuming too much of due to fortification. Ever since 1945, inorganic iron filings have been added to foods. Simultaneously, copper has been depleted from our Earth. So, copper regulates iron and we are deficient in it. Iron has been added to our foods while copper has essentially been taken away. Are you starting to see how we are dysregulated? By the way, studies have shown a breast tissue cancer cell versus a noncancerous cell to have five times the amount of iron in the tissues.

We are basically rusting from the inside out. Do not worry, it is not too late. First step is learning and understanding. The next step is to stop consuming inorganic iron, aka foods that are fortified with iron. Iron is essential, but it must be bioavailable like what comes from meat. Having that said, we must foster the “nose to tail” concept. The animal was designed for us to consume everything from nose to tail.

Our culture has forgotten about the nutrient dense organ meats. In modern day, it is gross to think of eating liver, heart, kidney, or other animal parts aside from the muscle protein. Did you know that gram for gram, the most nutrient dense food in the world is liver. Beef liver is the most abundant and bioavailable source of Copper. It also contains other key vitamins and minerals we are deficient in (gee I wonder why we are deficient in them – because we do not eat them anymore!).

B12 is a key vitamin that is only found in animal products, and has been shown to cure Vegans from certain diseases they acquire from cutting out meat. Additionally, Vitamin A Retinol is a vitamin not to be confused with Beta Carotene, that we are deficient in, and happens to be abundant in beef liver. I know, another shocker, right? Liver is natures multi vitamin.

Throw away your synthetic multi vitamins. The “Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)” is not the same as the Vitamin C you get from whole food sources. Also, the “Vitamin D” is not the same thing you get from the sun. The FDA has allowed food companies to label certain micronutrients as such, when they are derived from something completely different. There are too many to even list.

We do not need all of the vitamins and minerals in multi vitamins. We only need certain ones, and the others need to be cut out. Also, we want real food so the bioavailability is there (your body’s ability to absorb something real vs something synthetic). These food companies are in business to make money, so the ingredients they choose are for profit, and not for longevity.

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Regardless, throw away your multi vitamin, order beef liver, and stop consuming foods that have added iron. It should be naturally occurring.

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Thank you,

Coach WW

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