Nutrition Seminar, Bodyfat testing, & Cryotherapy

Are you happy with where you are with your health and fitness goals? Chances are you exercise consistently, but you lack structure in your nutrition and it is holding you back.

It is time to make some adjustments and look and feel your best going into summer.

This Saturday at CrossFit CrownTown, we are hosting a nutrition seminar to get you prepared for summer.

Some people know what to do outside of the gym in order to reach their goals. However, most people do not. For those that do not understand how to structure their nutrition, supplementation, and overall training/recovery plan, this is for you.

We will discuss how each of you can quickly, and simply create a meal plan custom for you in order to reach your goals.

Why workout really hard, but not fuel your body properly? Like Jack LaLanne says, exercise is king and nutrition is queen. The one hour a day of training is fun, but what are you doing the other 23 hours to support your hard work and stressful life?

Each participant will learn how to create their own meal plan. It is simple, and you will leave with all of your questions answered, so you can get started right away.

These methods you will learn are from over 20 years and tens and thousands of iterations. Coach WW has worked with tens of thousands of people in his career. All types of people that come from different backgrounds and lifestyles. We got you covered. All you have to do is show up.


CrossFit CrownTown, 1950 Compton Avenue, Unit 102, Corona, CA 92881

Saturday, April 17th

$25 to @CrossFitCrownTown Venmo to secure your spot

Also, Body MetRx will be there from 8am-2pm offering their services to test your bodyfat

We will have complimentary Cryotherapy for all participants of the seminar.

Let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you all there!

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