Thanksgiving week gym schedule; and some insight on food

Hey CrownTown Fam,

We wanted to share our holiday week schedule in advance, so you can plan to get your 3+ workouts in for the week. Here it is:

WCF schedule 👆🏼

White = Coed CrossFit

Gray = BaseFit

Dark Blue = SHRED

Light Blue = Endurance

Red = WCF & Coed CrossFit

Also, somethings to keep in mind for the holiday. Thanksgiving is a holiday to be with family and reflect on what you’re thankful for. NOT to pig out and make the holiday about food. We all are very aware that no matter how often and how hard we workout, that it will not make up for poor nutritional habits.

Here’s a valuable tool via Instagram post for how to respond to the uncomfortable comments people make (apparently studies show the #1 stressor of people trying to eat good is social situations):

• always eat protein first (protein regulates the insulin response of foods)

• eat slow; chew your food slow (it takes 16-20 minutes for satiety to kick in; if you eat fast you will most likely overeat)

• one plate is enough (3-6 ounces of meat, some vegetables, a starch, etc). Try not to overdo the gravy and sauces those are where sugar and fats are abundant

Remember that a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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