How to reduce the likelihood of unfavorable weight gain during the holidays. (Impromptu Nutrition Challenge); 30 days

*updated Sunday, 11/18

We’ve extended the starting date until Tuesday, 11/20 due to not everybody having a Facebook and allowing those that don’t a chance to get involved with the challenge.

📝Studies show that the majority of Americans put on the most amount of unwanted weight during the holidays. I wouldn’t disagree that rings true to us as well. Most people in SoCal are highly motivated in the beginning of the year, or during the summer. Towards the end of the year many people lose motivation to eat right and have excuses in the back of their minds “I’ll just start fresh Jan 1st eating good”, or “just the holidays and then back at it 100%”. Screw that mindset!


💪🏼 Very quick and very easy:

• $20 buy in WINNER TAKES ALL !

• before & after pics only

• Coach’s committee decides winner based on biggest visual change in 30 days

• starts this Saturday, 11/17

• ends Sunday, 12/16

• No body fat, no attendance, no MEPs! Want to cheat during Thanksgiving? Fine, pics are all that matters and 1 day in 30 is not a big deal, but if people have the normal holiday mindset it’ll be far more than 1 day of slipping

Take your before pics and bring $20 cash to the gym on Monday or Tuesday to enter !

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