***Reminder*** 6pm class will be split in two class times from 6pm to 5:30pm and 6:30pm starting on Monday, October 3rd. Please make sure you’ve put yourself on one of the rosters and show up accordingly on Monday.

Tough Mudder – SoCal – February 25-26, 2012 (click link for site and more info)

Here is a video showing some clips from the Tough Mudder in New England. I think this would be fun for us to plan in lieu of a Saturday class. This will be a good test of our overall fitness and mental strength combined with what we call fun! It’s in Temecula (only about 20 minutes south of us). Post your thoughts about participating to the comments of this post.

Discount Code : “ToughXfitGamer”

“Hail Storm” – NLI Online Competition (Now thru October 19th):

“Hail Storm” is open and if your name is on the interest list of competing, I expect your participation in this event. Also, even if your name is not on the list of competitors, I suggest you give this a shot anyway.  It’s free and the workouts will be performed here at your home gym. This will keep you motivated and give you extra purpose for your training. Let’s see how you stack up against other athletes in the area relative to your level of competition. Click here for more detailed info. Starting Tuesday, October 4th, we’ll be utilizing Open Gym time to complete the workouts. I must judge your performance and keep score, if you’re submitting your results.

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