Today @ 5pm Kid’s CrossFit & 6pm Conditioning WOD + Upper body pump sesh with Coach WW

Use the relevant app above for a direct link into the classes.

Kid’s CrossFit:

We’re going to get outside and get creative today. I wanted to give you advance notice, so you can start gathering some items you can use in tonight’s workout, “Obstacle Course”. Any ropes, bars, benches, PVC pipes, broomsticks, chairs, buckets, mats, or anything else we can use in our obstacle course tonight.

Warm-up: Paper, Rock, Scissors

2 rounds of:

1 minute Burpees

1 minute Air Squats

*with a 4 minute running clock, face your partner and play a game; loser does the movement, then play another game; repeat

WOD: 5 rounds of “Obstacle Course”

we’re going to design a course at the gym and we want you to design one outside of your home. We want there to be about 5-6 obstacles with stations between each obstacle that will be designated with:

  1. 15 Lunge Steps
  2. 10 Situps
  3. :10 Bottom of Squat Hold
  4. 10 Push-ups
  5. 15 Tuck Jumps

Everyone’s course will be different, but we’ll be going through it at the same time. Between each obstacle you must stop and perform the designated reps of that particular movement. For the obstacles lets do some army crawls, swings/hangs, jump overs, forward rolls, etc. Get creative.

*after each run through we will rest while our partner goes, or 90 seconds if you don’t have a partner

6pm Conditioning Class:

Conditioning WOD:

18 minute EMOM of:

Minute 1 = 15 Plate ground to overhead

Minute 2 = 10 Burpees to Plate

Minute 3 = 9 Shuttle Runs, 10m

*adjust reps as needed to get :40 on / :20 off

SHRED Bodybuilding:

10 minute alternating EMOM of:

odds = 10 Strict Press + 10 Hand Release Push-ups

evens = 10 Bicep Curls + 10 Hand Release Push-ups

*use an empty barbell, a set of dumbbells, a kettlebell or a plate

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