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Did you know before the “lock down” we offered 12 different workouts each week? Now with the new online schedule during “lock down” we offer more workouts. 14 total workouts including the addition of CrossFit Kids & a nutrition class from Coach Wayne. That means more opportunities to workout, include the whole family and learn more about nutrition. If you aren’t taking advantage of this extra time to invest in yourself, you’re really missing out.

Another note is some are under the impression that if they can’t make the scheduled workout at the actual class time that they’re missing out. For Zoom that is true. However, we keep the workouts up on Facebook and they’re dated for your convenience. Watch them from the beginning anytime and go through the class with the Coach.

Email/text communications:

If any member opted out of any of our emails or text the system opts you out of all of them. Including receipts for purchases etc.

If you did this and want to reverse it, please send an email to:

“I think I am opted out of receiving communications from CrossFit CrownTown please opt me back in my Name is _______ my email address is _________”.

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