💥 ONLINE CLASSES start tomorrow…here’s how to join us!

ONLINE ONLY schedule starts Wednesday, 3/25

Zoom links:

Coach Wayne’s classes

Coach Cindy’s classes

Coach Sarah’s classes

Coach Matt’s classes

Instructions for when you join the room:

Please join 5-10 minutes before the scheduled class time, so the Coach may check you in to the class using the following details.

– It will ask you to enter your name. PLEASE ENTER YOUR NAME (MEMBER NAME) OR ELSE YOU WON’T BE ALLOWED TO STAY. We need to know who is in the room for attendance and to interact with you.

– If we don’t know who it is, that person may be removed from the virtual room, as this is only for current CrossFit CrownTown members.

– Please mute your mic when entering the room. Please remember to activate your video cam; we would love to see you!

– Zoom will give you the option on which screens to view. You can select “speaker view” to watch only the Coach or “gallery view” to see everyone in the room. 

– You will have an option to mute and unmute yourself as well. During class, we will ask everyone to mute their mics for a better experience and use the “raise your hand” feature if they want to talk.

REMINDER: you must mute yourself in order to keep background noise down so everyone can understand the Coach clearly. Once you do this you can also double tap the Coach screen and it will maximize the size of the Coach’s screen and allow you to not see the others in the class.

For the Facebook Live video, please click here. You also must be a current member to participate in the online workouts.

🗣SUPPLEMENT SALE for all CURRENT members during “lock down”. 20% off all supplements. We’ll send email and text online order forms twice per month. When your supplements arrive, we’ll text you to arrange your pick up.

We’re also going to be adding a Kids class that will allow members kids to participate in a workout that is tailored for our young ones. The whole family can have some fun together!

If you are NOT a member, and are interested in participating in our online workout classes, please email us at admin@crossfitcrowntown.com and we’ll let you know how to get an ONLINE ONLY membership.

Thank you and we’ll see you online soon!

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