5 week Nutrition Challenge starts September 3rd!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

It is that time again. Nutrition Challenge time! Many of us enjoyed our summers, but it’s time to put ourselves in check and get back to working on our goals. Let’s be honest, nutrition is the hardest part. It’s also the most important part. That’s why just like our workouts, we are going to use our community to motivate each one of us. We are all in this together!

We’ve been at this long enough to know that it is impossible to out exercise a bad diet. With that said, if we want to make some noticeable aesthetic changes we need to make some behavioral and lifestyle changes, too. I’m talking about nutrition, not training. Training is important, but it’s easier to be consistent because there is no thinking or extra effort involved. You show up, the Coach takes over, you listen to the strategy and give 100% for the day. Repeat 4-5 times per week and you’re good to go. However, the nutrition end of things you have to shop, cook, prep and not give in to anything that’ll derail your regimen. Much more difficult to sustain. However, whatever we are doing right now is not getting us where we want to be. So we’re going to make every effort possible to ease this process for you. We’re going to teach you, motivate you, and hold you accountable. We all win!

Hierarchy of the development of an athlete (showing nutrition is the foundation

When: September 3rd-October 8th

Here is what the challenge will entail:

  1. Facebook Live (private nutrition challenge group) with Coach WW educating participants on things to do that will help you succeed
  2. Access to Coach WW’s e-book
  3. Access to Calorie & Macro Calculator for participants to learn proper intake

Things we’ll be measuring:

  1. percentage of bodyfat lost
  2. percentage of muscle gained
  3. total MEPS earned via MYZONE

Each of these categories measured will be equally weighted 1/3 of your overall score. Separately, the fat and muscle will be converted to a percentage of what you started with and where you ended. This way it will make it fair across the board. For example, someone who starts with 50 pounds of fat and gets down to 25 pounds, is the same as someone who starts with 80 pounds and gets down to 40. The person who lost 40 pounds lost more pounds, but they both lost the same percentage.

Check out some of our archived testimonies who were involved in previous nutrition challenges of ours. CLICK “TESTIMONIALS” BELOW 👇🏼

Winners will receive prizes just like our previous challenges. We will be announcing the cash and prizes periodically. We’re hoping to get some of our sponsors involved to sweeten the pot, too! Any Coach can help you get signed up by using your card on file to pay the $25 buy-in to the challenge.

Step 1: schedule your appointment with BodyMetRx (sign up sheet in lobby at gym; $39 paid directly to BodyMetRx for body fat/lean mass test))

Step 2: pay any Coach your $25 buy-in

Step 3: we’ll add you to the private Facebook Group to access the links and we’ll get started right away (if you’re one of the few without social media we can email or text you the same info)

Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing everyone leaner, stronger, fitter and smarter! Don’t forget that the CrownTown Games II will be starting two days after this challenge ends. This means if you plan on being involved with that then you can expect to perform at your peak potential.

Good luck to you all (although it’s skill not luck that will make the difference here)!

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