Video is a glimpse of my e-book; click on the link below to secure your spot in the challenge TODAY❗️

✅ online Calorie/macro calculator based on individual goals

✅ lifetime copy of e-book (the book will not have an end; I’ll be adding to it forever)

✅ chance to win purse prizes ($2,000+ purse value)

✅ daily group communication

✅ weekly direct one on one communication

✅ custom meal plan guidance

Note: everyone who wants to be involved with the challenge must use the link to pay. If you want a spot, click and pay now.

Other video and details of Bikini’s & Boardshorts Summer Ready Nutrition challenge can be found by clicking here.

Nutrition Challenge

Includes: entry to the challenge (chance at purse prizes), e-book, online calorie/macro calculator, group daily communication, weekly one-on-one communication Excludes: Body MEtRx tests. Those will be received by Body MetRx directly.



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