Announcements and party

1) In celebration of ending the Open, this Friday starting at 6p is our last Date Night Weight Night. We’ll be providing Cider Beers, My Power Supply will be in the house and we’ll be giving away prizes for the top performances in each heat. Come celebrate with us and have a little fun closing out the Open! 


We’ve received some suggestions about keeping the kids room cleaner. We clean it thoroughly once a week. In addition we have provided cleaning supplies for parents. We ask that you make an effort to clean up after your kids to ensure the room stays cleans throughout the week. Parents are responsible for their kids actions in the kids room. We’ve had kids use chalk to draw on the walls not having chalkboard paint and parents left it for us. Also, the Expo markers are not for kids. They are for you guys to track your workouts. We have the kids room to help keep your kids occupied so you can enjoy a workout. Please help us help you. 


This week purchase any two supplements and receive 10% off

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