Be Like Liz 


This pic says 1,000 words. The ones that stick out most are family, caring, selflessness, fitness, quality, patience, and many, many more. The truth is words can’t do this justice. 

This is Bonnie L. (@bonniekl75) with her mom, Liz L. (@lizzbitt). You will find this scenario going on three times a week. Bonnie trains at 4pm and then when she’s finished training she helps her mom get through the 5pm workout. 

Liz L. is 71 years young, she has two artificial knees and when she started she couldn’t get off the floor without assistance. Through consistent training, and of course the help of Bonnie, she has improved her quality of life. She can get off the floor without assistance, move around faster and more pain free. You never hear Liz complain about the workout or pain. She shows up with a smile on her face and does the work. Be like Liz! 

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Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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