11.30.15 – WOD 

Thanksgiving crew gettin’ silly post WOD. 




E2MO2M x 5 sets of:

2 Front Squats + 1 Split Jerk 


15-12-9 reps for time of:

Clean & Jerks, 135/95

Chest to Bar Pull-ups 

Optional Accessory Work:

3 sets NOT for time of:

8 Suitcase Deadlifts, each side

8 Step Downs w/ 3 second decent, each side 

8 Wide Grip Strict Pull-ups 



3 rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters

21 Burpees

12 Sumo Deadlift High Pull, Red/Blue KB

Rest 3 minutes

2 rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters

21 Russian KBS, Red/Blue

12 Pike Push-ups

Rest 2 minutes 

1 round for time of:

Run 400 meters 

21 V-ups

12 Strict Pull-ups

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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