Athlete Spotlight; Bonnie L. – fitness is not a destination, it’s a way of life


Bonnie in 2010 before joining CrownTown


1) Why did you join CrossFit CrownTown? 
I was looking for something to help me become more physically fit and healthier. My brother and sister in law encouraged me to give CFCT a try. Coach Sarah was so encouraging and supportive, how could I not join?!


Bonnie in 2012 before joining CrownTown


2) What was your life like prior to CFCT? How did you feel emotionally? Physically? Mentally? 
My life was full of work responsibilities and family fun. Emotionally and mentally I was healthy and happy. However, I was beginning to feel like a hypocrite as I tried to educate children and their families about the importance of a healthy and fit body while I sat around not putting my own health and fitness on my priority list. 


Bonnie in 2013 after starting BaseFit and participating in her first nutrition challenge.

What results have you seen since starting CrossFit? Of course, I love the change in the size of my clothes and how clothes fit me in general. But the change I like the most is how I view myself and what I am physically capable of.


Recent picture of Bonnie. She has lost over 20″



4) Has CrossFit helped you break through any mental barriers?
CrossFit has helped me overcome the phrase, ‘I can’t’. Before CFCT I rarely tried new things, especially new physical activities, all for fear of failure. At CFCT I have learned that a failure is simply a new goal. So far I’ve conquered my fear of ‘the box’ and can safely do box jumps. My next barrier to conquer is getting over my fear of aiming my head at the ground for things like handstands!


Bonnie performing Wall Balls in The Open competition of 2015



5) How has pushing yourself and challenging yourself in your daily workouts translated to your career? Your family life and relationships? 
I feel like I have more to offer others. I have more energy, more drive, more vision, and even more confidence. I’m known for telling others that they have to put effort into taking care of themselves before they can take care of others. Now I feel like my efforts at taking better care of myself are helping me better serve others!


Bonnie is also a Certified Judge for the 2015 CrossFit Open and a very supportive friend to many at CrownTown.



6) What are you going to achieve over the next year? Honestly, I want to see myself lose more inches and gain more strength. Feeling strong has really empowered me and has given me even more drive to keep pushing myself.


Recent front view of Bonnie after almost 2 years at CrownTown


Note from Coach Wayne: I want to add that Bonnie embodies all the attributes it takes in order to be successful. There are a lot of distractions, gimmicks, and good marketing schemes that don’t work. A lot of the times, people grasp on to the fact that they think there’s an easy way to get fit.  A shortcut, if you will. Unfortunately, there’s no magic potion or pills that will get you fit. The truth of the matter is there’s only one way to get fit and stay fit. It’s called hard work, consistency and good nutrition. These behaviors lead to a lifestyle of fitness. Bonnie is well aware of this. Being fit is now a lifestyle for Bonnie that has made positive changes in her personal and professional life. It’s not just about looking and feeling good. That’s obviously important and a huge motivator for all, but there are byproducts of the way we train that people don’t think about until they experience it for themselves. It’s about increasing the quality of your life. Making you sharper on the job with the confidence to overcome any situation. To have more energy throughout the day to be productive. Bonnie is 30 minutes early to her class, she stays after class is over, too. If Bonnie is not at her usual class, something is wrong and I’m texting her right away. She’s participated in several nutrition challenges and she does all of this with consistency. I’m very proud that she has trusted us to help her and how she continues to see new success so frequently. 
Bonnie is a school nurse by profession. She tells me stories of how kids on the high school football team are intimidated by her strength. She is #2 on the gym leaderboard for Deadlift and is one of the strongest female members we have. 

By the way, Bonnie is one of the most positive, likeable and driven members we have. She gets along with everyone and is an important part of our community.

Keep up the great work, Bonnie! 

~ WW

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