1.15.15 – WOD

The Three “C’s” of CrownTown in order of importance:
• Community
• Coaching
• Cleanliness

Baby model: Jaxson Franks



3 x for Quality of:
25 Hard Pulls on Rower
10 Plough to Sit & Reach
8 KB Windmills, each side
6 Single Leg Shoulder Bridge w/ LaX ball in hip crease of resting leg, each side (pause 2 secs at extension)

Push Press build to a 3RM, then 2 drop sets at 5 reps each

• 20 pounds less each drop set

For time:
150 Wall Balls, 20/14 pounds to a 10/9 foot target

• 15 minute time cap

Warm down:
Walk 400 meters
35 Hollow Rocks
4 minutes of Mobility


Same as CrossFit

4 sets of 8 minutes to:
Run 800 meters

After 1st 800 meters = 50 DB Snatch
2nd = 50 Burpees
3rd = 50 OH Walking Lunge Step, 45/25 pound plate
4th = 50 Empty Barbell Bent Over Rows

Warm down:
Same as CrossFit

Mobility WOD:
Warm up
200 run
Scap retraction
200 run
Calf stretch hold

Quad bar mash
Hip lateral and anterior mobs
Ankle mobs

Triceps bar mash
Partner IR stretch
Pec lax ball
Wall squat with bands

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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