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Finally! I know it’s what many of you are thinking now that the leaderboard is full. That was just over a month of testing your physical and mental capacities. I can only imagine how exhausted you were towards the end of that. I am extremely humbled and honored by the amount of work ethic you all have displayed. What’s even better is the ability to keep being positive and supportive of others during the time of friendly competition. That’s what a community is all about. YOU! What’s also very cool about the leaderboard is how motivated you guys are to push your limits. We all benefit from this because the side effect is you getting more fit. That’s what it’s all about, right?

Furthermore, I apologize for waiting so long to put the leaderboard up. I understand the benefits of it, but I just procrastinated following through and getting it. No other reason at all. At any rate, it’s up and it’s filled up with tons of awesome performances.

While we’re talking about it, I also wanted to point out the fact that coaches are eligible to be on the board. I thought about this carefully before I decided to include them. Here’s all the reasons why I’m including them:
1) there are 5 spots for Men and 5 spots for women on each element versus the old leaderboard had only 3 on each
2) it gives the members motivation of something to shoot for AND in many cases members are ahead of coaches on the board already so it gives the coaches something to shoot for as well
3) all of the coaches started as members just like you and just because they happen to be certified doesn’t mean we should exclude them from the board
4) Some of the coaches are part time with a career or other obligation that makes their training a hobby and not at the top of their priority list (police officers, students, teachers, electricians, moms, etc). They don’t have an unfair advantage to train more or harder than any of you. If you want to get better, it’s simple, put in the work
5) Naturally, I excluded myself from the board
6) Isn’t it good to know what your coaches are capable of? They are the ones teaching you how to perform movements correctly and making sure that you are tapping into your potential while doing it safely. Coaching is one of the “3 C’s” at CrownTown and something we pride ourselves on a great deal. Being a good athlete does not always translate to being a great coach, but it sure as hell is easier to listen to someone who is a good athlete AND a good coach. Credibility.

There are six valid reasons why I believe coaches should be eligible for the leaderboard. What are the cons? Maybe some think it’s unfair? Aside from that one con, I think there’s an overwhelming amount of logical reasons, as to why the coaches are eligible.

In closing, this leaderboard is just a board with top performances. It doesn’t measure your efforts. I want to say I’m very proud of the effort you all put in day in and day out. The willingness to work hard is what every coach appreciates. Showing up consistently (minimum of 3 x per week), working hard and listening to your coach is what makes our job so much fun. Congrats to all of the athletes who made the board and good skill (luck is inconsistent) to those trying to get up there, too. It has been a blast to see our #Community work together, our #Coaching help you achieve your goals, and our #Cleanliness giving you the chance to lay on your back after a grueling workout without worrying about ruining your new gym outfit.

Your head coach, WW

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