5.31.14 – WOD

20140530-215647-79007924.jpgAthlete: Jason Balacy


CrossFit 7:30am
CrossFit 9am
Mobility 10am

CrossFit: Teams of 3 perform a three part in house friendly competition together:

Event #1 = 100m Relay Sprints x 30 (10 each)

Event #2 = 3RM Back Squat

Event #3 = 2 minute max rep HSPU immediately followed by 2 minute max rep Toes to Bar immediately followed by 2 minutes of max Pistols (alternating)

*each team will be ranked in each event and the team with the lowest points at the end of all events wins

MWOD: 20140530-215646-79006816.jpg

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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