Nutrition Challenge III – results

The Nutrition Challenge III is in the books. To sum it up best, it was short, but VERY effective. 60 people entered the challenge, 56 followed through with the final dunk. It was 40 days long. There were 37 females and 19 males who finished the challenge.

The most amazing feat of all was the total amount of fat pounds lost was 377.10 pounds. Yes, you read that correctly. Almost 20% of one ton. Unbelievable. That is an average of 6.73 pounds of fat lost per person, and, only in a matter of 40 days. That’s about 1/5 of a pound per day, per person lost. The fact that this number has 100% to do with your nutrition tells me that everyone took in the information we provided them with and really stayed disciplined during the challenge. We cannot focus on the outcome. Rather our behavior on a day to day basis knowing that it will lead to success.

There were a few cases of some people who actually lost lean mass. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. However, to give you an understanding of some things that may cause it: 1) not enough protein consumed, 2) too much cardio without enough fuel, 3) not showing up to CrossFit, 4) not lifting heavy enough weights to elicit muscle growth, 5) lack of sleep, 6) too much stress. There were many people who gained quite a bit of lean mass, too. Some even gained 5+ pounds in 40 days. Make some small adjustments and keep moving forward.

With all this in mind, here are the winners:

Male Winner of $500 cash and 1 month free membership = Brandon Becerra




Fat pounds lost = 4.8

Muscle pounds gained = 6.8

Male runner-up = Tommie Denson


Fat pounds lost = 10.1

Muscle pounds gained = 3.6

Female Winner of $500 cash and 1 month of free membership = Christi Daddario




Fat pounds lost = 11.5

Muscle pounds gained = 3.8

Female runner-up = Kim Wisnia


Fat pounds lost = 5.5

Muscle pounds gained = 2.5

The $100 bonus for best nutrition log went to Michelle Evans. I could have taken her log to get published and it would have been a New York Times Best Seller. Not only did she stay strict, but the level of detail and shear amount of time invested was head and shoulders above the rest. She also lost over 7 pounds of fat. Not a coincidence.

The $100 bonus for most muscle gained went to Brandon Becerra. He gained 6.8 pounds of lean mass. His body and hormones responded very well to his new way of eating to say the least.

The $100 bonus for biggest change from before to after pics went to Rachel Walsh


The $100 bonus for most fat lost went to Chris Perry. He started with 19.8% and ended with 12.9%, which was 16.4 pounds fat that literally melted off his body.

Male top 5 were:

  1. Brandon Becerra
  2. Tommie Denson
  3. Chris Perry
  4. Nathan Chabolla
  5. Tim Moya

Female top 5 were:

  1. Christi Daddario
  2. Kim Wisnia
  3. Andrea Harvey
  4. Bobbi Edwards
  5. Melissa Orlando

I’d like to finish by saying that I’m very thankful 60+ people trusted me with their nutrition enough to try something new. And, I can’t say how proud I am of everyone who followed through by finishing the challenge. It goes without say that this challenge was a huge success. The end goal was to educate as many of you as possible to be able to make the best decisions about healthy eating. I always say that success is a process. EVERYONE took a step in the right direction. Some people took larger steps than others, but the point is you are all better than you were. I encourage you to continue this diet lifestyle and look forward to the ongoing results you will attain. You can trust that I will continually learn as much as I can about nutrition. I invite any questions or concerns you may have related to nutrition and will do my best to guide you in the right direction. Enjoy the process of improving the quality of your life day by day.

Until the next challenge,

Your coach ~ WW

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