1.24.12 – Open Gym hours


Here they are seen for the first time, Michelle & Ava Panceroff. Congratulations to coach Brett and Michelle for the birth of their first child. It’s no secret that CrossFit works. It did this mom wonders along with her courage to give a natural birth it only took 2 hours. Welcome to the CrownTown family! – WW

Upcoming Events

February 22, 2012: 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games season begins. February 1st registration opens. I’m going to recommend that ALL CrownTown members enter the worldwide competition. Here are the reasons why, 1) you get to see where you rank in your region, 2) you get to see where you rank in the world, 3) you get to see where you rank in your age group, 4) your results could benefit the affiliate team for CrownTown, 5) the workouts will be part of CrownTown’s normally scheduled WODs anyway. Reasons why not, 1) it costs $10 (unless they change it from last year). 5:1 pros to cons.

January 21-March 23, 2012: CrossFit CrownTown Nutrition Challenge I. Remember to share recipes on the special page and turn in your nutrition logs weekly.


Open Gym hours:


Use the above times to make up a missed WOD, attack weaknesses or work on your mobility.

On-Ramp Session #5:


*Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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