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Women CrossFit is Focused On:

1) Strength – When we build muscle we become effective age fighting machines! Plus, muscle eats stored bodyfat for energy. Who doesn’t want to lose fat?

2) Confidence – Fitness in your life will reflect on you as a person. You just might enjoy walking by the mirror and may even slow down to smile at yourself!

3) Quality of life – Fitness fights illness, reduces stress and helps us all live longer. Being healthy and being fit are two different things. Healthy means you have no health issues. Being fit means quality of life to do anything you wish to do anytime you want to do it!

Women CrossFit Approach:

This Women only program was developed by Women specifically for today’s modern Woman regardless of workout experience and fitness level. All coaching staff for this program are credentialed fitness instructors and Moms! It is for any Mom on-the-go and any Women on-the-go who might feel more comfortable in a female only environment – if this is you – this is for you! This environment brings athletes the support of a community of like-minded Women fitness enthusiasts. It does not matter one bit if you have never participated in CrossFit or any other fitness program, or have for many years. In this program we will all perform the same “Work Out of the Day” we call this a “WOD”. This daily WOD can be modified and is scalable to fit everyone’s individual fitness level. Just to be clear – a total novice can workout side by side with a pro – again, this is due to the WOD being totally modifiable and scalable to each Woman’s current fitness level. Note that the benefits remain the same! This is not a race or competition program this is a “get better program”! The WODs are designed to maximize everyone’s individual capability in a very supportive environment. Come check it out!

More About Women CrossFit:

We are beautiful women that are strong and powerful. We leave the magazines with quick weight loss scams behind and we also leave the pre-packaged diet dinners and fat-burning pills all on the shelf where they belong! We are beautiful women of all sizes, shapes, colors, ages and fitness levels that can all train with intensity and enthusiasm together. We can care more about our quality of life through working out than the sweat we are soaked in left on the gym floor. Simply put our hard work in the gym gets us the results we are looking for. We all realize it takes more than 10 minutes a day to accomplish our fitness goals (this is contrary to what we read about and see on TV daily). We all know the life long fitness lifestyle road is hard, but the rewards are priceless.

If you can commit to a health & fitness lifestyle – we will lift you up and you will reach your goals in this Women only community.

Working out is hard enough! Keeping it enjoyable is everything.

If you are ready to be a part of our growing Women Beauty community – just stop by and join in!

You make you the priority by taking this step!


Contact Rose at Women@WomenCrossFit.com 

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