Team Challenge info: potluck & scoring

What: Potluck

When: Sunday, March 1st @ 11am-12pm

Where: CrossFit CrownTown

Food items: any dish is ok to bring as along as there are no desserts. No artificial sweeteners, no gluten, and no almond flower or substitutes of that matter. Think Primal (potato and rice dishes are ok). Please bring ingredient list so others can take a picture and have the recipe for the challenge. For example: we are bringing our vitamix and making different types of smoothies and bullet proof coffee for everyone to try. I’ll have a list of all measurements so others can mimic the exact recipe.

SCORING has four equally weighted categories as follows:

  • ATTENDANCE: EVERY MEMBER MUST ATTEND 3 CROSSFIT CLASSES PER WEEK. (If you are BASEFIT, then you must attend 3 BASEFIT classes per week) a coach will sign off your classes after each class. The sign off sheets are always going to be posted on the plexiglass of the kids room. *** if you are out of town, you may post in designated fb group and Coach Wayne will give you a workout to be done and submitted via video to be signed off for that workout. *** •EXTRA POINTS•*** will be earned by attending: shred, endurance andopen gym time. Must be signed off by coach after the class is over. *** you are responsible for getting your classes signed off. A coach will not vouch for you after the fact.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Waist, Thighs and Arms will be measured. Total inches lost will be added up for each team’s total and then ranked with the entire group
  • BEFORE/AFTER PICS: Front, side and back view will be compared and ranked accordingly. Yes, these will only be posted after the challenge with your approval
  • BODY FAT/LEAN MASS: these two categories will be lumped into one scoring category. Percentage lost of fat and muscle gained ranked against the group and then ranking points compared to all teams for team score

The cost to enter the challenge is $25 to CrossFit CrownTown. You can send a Coach a text or let them know next time you see them to help ring you up. Separately, Body MetRx will be performing the before & after body composition test. You pay them directly on Tuesday, 3/3 when they’re at the gym. Make sure you have an appointment.

Sometime during the Potluck, Nutrition Workshop, Monday or Tuesday at the gym is when we’ll get your measurements and pics. As soon as the gym receives your $25 you’ll be added to the private Facebook page only for the challengers. We already have started that group and added challengers to it. We posted the QQT Instruction Manual there today.

Luck is inconsistent and skill is always there, so good skill!

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