📢 Team Nutrition Challenge starts soon . Here’s what you need to know 📅 📝 🧠

Alright Ladies & Gentlemen,

We announced recently that we’re having another Nutrition Challenge. Here are the details you’ve been waiting for. Thank you for your patience.

  • Challenge officially starts March 3rd and will be 6 weeks long (exact end date TBD)
  • Sunday, March 1st at 11am at CrossFit CrownTown we’re hosting a potluck. Immediately following the potluck, Coach WW will be giving a Nutritional Workshop open to all participants of the challenge to educate you on how to build your own meal plans using the QQT method (approximately 45-60 minute workshop). If you can’t make this day you can still do the challenge. You’ll just miss the potluck and we’ll put the lecture on Facebook Live.
  • Body MetRx will be at CrossFit CrownTown on Tuesday, March 3rd all day to measure your current body fat and lean mass levels. This day officially begins the challenge
  • We’ll be considering 4 different categories equally in determining the results. Attendance, Measurements (inches), Bodyfat/Lean Mass, Before/After pictures
  • ATTENDANCE: 20 weekly visits per team will max points out for this category. 16-19 and <15 are the other ranges
  • MEASUREMENTS: Chest, Waist, Thighs and Arms. Total inches lost will be added up for each team’s total and then ranked with the entire group
  • BEFORE/AFTER PICS: Front, side and back view will be compared and ranked accordingly. Yes, these will only be posted after the challenge with your approval
  • BODY FAT/LEAN MASS: these two categories will be lumped into one scoring category. Percentage lost of fat and muscle gained ranked against the group and then ranking points compared to all teams for team score
  • $25 to enter the challenge. Prizes will be awarded to winning team(s).

Additionally, we highly recommend you get a full blood panel before the challenge starts and schedule another once the challenge is over. Blood doesn’t lie. If we look better, feel better and perform better it’s one thing. However, to actually see that you are healthier and increasing your expected life span through these habits is motivation to stick with it afterwards. Besides, we all came to this point in life through different avenues, so what one person is deficient in the other may not be. If you know what you’re lacking then we can help you fix that through nutrition/supplementation. Due to the difficulty or means of getting this done, we won’t consider this as a scoring component for the challenge. It’s simply another area of data to compare for you personally. Something measured is something improved.

On top of the lecture, you’ll all have access to the revised e-book of “how to”, calorie/macro calculator, Facebook private page just for nutrition challenge participants, weekly Facebook Live educational videos with live Q&A feedback, and your team to help keep you accountable. Based on your feedback, and the data to echo the same, our most successful challenge in the past was the one and only team challenge we did. We don’t expect this to be any different and look forward to watching everyone in the process get leaner, fitter, and healthier. Our goal is long term. We want us all to live a longer, more quality life. The things we educate you on are not quick fixes. Of course, we’ll have progress, but the point is to make sustainable changes. We are not dieting or doing anything extreme. Those never endure and we aren’t interested in pushing fads. We want to focus on what works for long term health and fitness. Take a look at some of our past winners and top performers:

Sonia in summer of 2009 before CrossFit
Sonia in April of 2011 just over a year of CrossFit
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