Kids these days need to put down their iPads and move their butts…NOT these kids!

Unfortunately, these days you see all too often where our kid’s brains are overstimulated and their bodies are under stimulated. Their bodies go into “screen saver” mode so to speak, where metabolism slows down, muscles shrink and fat cells multiply. Fat cells can be increased and decreased through adolescence, but afterwards you can only shrink or expand the amount you acquired growing up. This is why it’s all on the parents to do what’s hard now, so the kids are set up for success later. Could this also be a reason why more children than ever before are developing Type 2 diabetes? YES! This used to be something only unhealthy adults got later in life. This is from lack of exercise and poor nutrition (Which can also be reversed from changing the same). Childhood obesity is also at an all time high and it’s only going to get worse. With more technology, convenience and the trap of tablet/smart phones, YouTube, video games, etc it makes it harder and harder to get outside and move.

Meet Elliot and Everett Barr. They could have easily been one of these kids I’m talking about. This is them back in December of 2018 before they put their iPads down and moved their butts. Their parents, Eric & Carrie Barr, train at our facility and have had great success adapting to our program themselves. However, like many parents they both work and although their kids mean the world to them, sometimes it happens gradually right under our noses. iPads sort of act like a babysitter and parents take the easy road instead of setting boundaries because it gives them more self time to catch up on things they need to do.

Eric and Carrie heard about a program we offered for 8-13 year olds called “BaseFit for Kids”. It’s where the parent sort of acts as an assistant Coach to the kids. The Coach here gives the class an explanation, a quick warm up and then begins the group class. The parents then help out their kids thru the workout using the knowledge they’ve acquired from training in our adult classes. We keep it fun and motivating for the youngsters. It’s up to 4 days per week for $60 for the first kid and $30 for each kid thereafter, per month. The caveat is to get these memberships, the parents must be members, too. Eric & Carrie decided to let the boys try a class. They loved it and signed up right away. Needless to say, they boys are still loving it. They’ve even changed their ways of eating at home and adapted to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Sure they still use their iPads and play video games, but it sort of took a back seat to their newfound ways. Take a look at the boys now. They each lost about 15% of their bodyweight (probably lost 15-18 pounds of fat and gained 2-5 pounds of muscle). This is them now, only 8 months later. More energy, more positive attitudes, more confidence, less fat cells, and overall much better versions of themselves.

We felt compelled to share this success story because maybe we could use them to inspire other parents or kids out there who may need to set their iPads down and move their butts, too. And, look, we realize that iPads and technology is a way of life. We aren’t against it. Our kids use them, too. We all played video games when we were younger and heck, I’ll pick up the controller and play a bit with my sons from time to time.

Keep up the great work to the entire Barr family!

– Coach WW

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    Beautiful story WW!!!

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