💥 Best way to alleviate joint pain ❗️

Over the past couple of decades my bodyweight has ranged between 195-235 pounds. That range is 19-39 years old. During that time I have trained like a bodybuilder, CrossFit athlete, endurance athlete and martial arts. I have also tried many different nutrition regimens, such as, Paleo, Keto, Zone, no regimen (that’s a regimen too – haha), macros and QQT (my current method).

Furthermore, I have tried many different joint supplements that claim to alleviate joint pain. Some work and some don’t. Although even the ones that help don’t work as well as what led me to write this blog post.

I can honestly say that at 39 my joints feel better than they did a decade ago. And, arguably the best they have ever felt. I think some of that is wisdom. I have experimented a lot and learned a lot in the process. The best way to eat, the best way to train, etc.

I see a lot of people who could benefit from what I’m about to tell them. They may or may not workout already, but most of them don’t follow a nutritional regimen. They don’t weigh and measure their food (energy balance) and they don’t eliminate foods that wreck havoc on their joints through inflammation. Is it nutrition I’m talking about that eliminates joint pain? No! To see the full article just click here and pay $10,000 for $1 per week for the next 10,000 weeks. JK!

It’s the by product of exercising consistently and following QQT. Harvard (you may have heard of them) explain it in simple terms here.

The moral of my post is quit looking for something other than the obvious. If you have excess bodyweight it is contributing to your joint pain. Make sure you train 4-5 times per week, stretch daily, follow QQT and I assure you that you will also feel better than you ever have. I apologize for not having a pill, powder or potion that’s going to be your cure. Instead of looking for a route that appears to be less difficult, come to terms with the fact that the only way to get to looking and feeling your best is working hard and eating right.

And for those of you in process currently, keep up the strong work. Nothing worth it ever happened overnight. It’s a process, we take a couple steps forward, a step back, a step forward, as long as we are moving forward we are moving in the right direction.

CrossFit, SHRED, BaseFit, Yoga, QQT, sleep, REPEAT! It’s the CrownTown way.

Cheers to crushing life CrownTown Gang!


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