RED Shirt Friday


What is R.E.D. Friday?

RED is an acronym that stands for Remember Everyone Deployed. R.E.D. Friday was created to remind people of our heroes overseas and show that we are thinking of them. People across the country wear red every Friday to serve as a reminder and spread the message of how important it is that we keep our troops in our thoughts. So, on Friday’s at CrossFit CrownTown, we will support RED Friday with “RED Shirt Friday”. Read more about the history of RED Friday here.

Additionally, CrossFit CrownTown will donate $5 from every shirt sold to the Air Force Aid Society, which is the official charity of the United States Air Force. What’s awesome is that for every $1 donated, the AFAS will provide $3 to Airmen. That means every shirt sold will actually provide $15 of support from AFAS to Airmen in need. ✈️

*These shirts are the same brand/model as our “CrownTown Games” shirts and our standard blue gym shirts. Sizes S-XL are $25 and there’s a $2 add-on for XXL. See designs below and place your order today. You can click on the link provided, or have a Coach put your order in for you.

Thank you for your support!


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