Mobility: the most undervalued tool for overall fitness, and, one of CrownTown’s secret weapons.

As I’m sure many of you noticed, we changed our class structure about 6 months ago to include 10-15 minutes of mobility before we start to warm-up and activate your body for the strength and/or workout of the day. The reason wasn’t due to the fact that we just started to realize how important mobility was. In fact, we’ve known that for years and we’ve been telling you, too. That’s just it. We advised everyone to do it, but only a small percentage of you actually did it. Now we don’t advise any of you to do it. Instead, we include it as part of the 60 minute class schedule. We use foam rollers, lacrosse balls, bands, stretching and strengthening to ensure we prep your body for moving it’s best that day.

Many people confuse mobility for flexibility. With mobility, you are able to perform functional movements at full range of motion without any restrictions. Someone who is flexible can still lack balance, coordination and strength in order to perform the functional movement with full range of motion. Flexibility is more of a component of mobility. When someone lacks mobility, they increase their chances of getting an injury. What happens is they compensate with other areas of their body and the movement breaks down in attempt to achieve the full range of motion with inefficient movement. Instead, we should recognize the mobility we have, and strive to improve our range of motion without any restrictions or changes in our movement patterns. Keeping the movement sound, and slowly, but surely unlocking more range of motion. This is where our prep comes in and we use mobility to unlock more range of motion before the training session. We do this specific to our movements in that particular workout. Then we optimize our mobility efforts through strengthening that newfound range of motion in our training. This way we develop more range of motion, balance, coordination and strength starting from our warm-up/activation and finishing in our workout of the day. This is a process and it improves daily, with consistent mobility and training at CrownTown. Another way to expedite this is to attend one of our two weekly Mobility classes. We’re fortunate to be one of very few CrossFit gyms that has a staff Doctor of Physical Therapy teaching the class. These classes are every Thursday at 8:30am and every Saturday at 8am. It’s been awhile since we have posted about the program, but we’ve had it successfully running for 5+ years now.

Coach Wayne Willette with Denise four years ago.

The best part of attending these classes is 60 minutes of pure mobility. 10-15 minutes is what we include in the CrossFit classes, but if you really want to improve your mobility more rapidly, expedite recovery, learn more about proper movement and recovery techniques then you need to start attending one of Denise’s classes. Seriously, we know that the majority of people spend their working hours in less than ideal positions. The more time you spend in ideal positions and reversing poor movement/posture, the better you will look and feel.

More about Denise here:

The coach of this class, Denise Franks, has a unique level of expertise as a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). She as worked at an extremely busy physical therapy clinic for over 13 years in which she has treated thousands of patients dealing with a multitude of injuries. Prior to that, she was a certified athletic trainer and has an extensive background in sports related injuries. Denise is an original member of CrossFit CrownTown and brings a unique perspective on injury treatment and prevention, specifically involving CrossFit movements.

 Coach Wayne giving Denise a little taste of her own “medicine”.

FUN FACT: Denise’s mother was Coach Wayne’s 5th grade teacher. Denise and Wayne have known each other since elementary school. Also, Coach Wayne played little league with her high school sweetheart and husband, Rob Franks. Wait, there is more. Coach Wayne’s father and Rob’s mother went to high school together. That’s what you call history! Life long friend’s who get to work together. Awesome.

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