MAY 13TH DEADLINE TO ORDER FOR JUNE –>🔥 Introducing a new way to save up to 20% on all your supplements ❗️

We are very anxious to share a new program with you at CrossFit CrownTown called “Be Lean & Save Green”. 

Three options:

  1. “Essential Package” 2 item subscription: 10% off

  2. “RX Package” 3 item subscription: 15% off

  3. “Athlete Package” 4+ item subscription: 20% off 

Here are some of the benefits:

Never pay for shipping

Cancel anytime

Change your package anytime

Restart anytime

Always get a discount (up to 20%!)

3 Monthly Package Options

Never run out of product

We decided to come up with this program to help us save time with ordering supplements. There are many different brands/flavors to choose from and it’s a challenge to keep the right inventory in to support your needs. Instead of guessing, ordering too little/much, wasting products that aren’t sold, selling out of popular products you want to buy and are completely out of. Forcing you to go without product while we wait for the order(s) to arrive.

Now with Be Lean & Save Green we’ll place our orders specifically based on your requests, and we’ll have your orders ready for pick up at the beginning of each month. You won’t have to worry if we have your favorite flavor or product in stock. Your name will be on your product and it won’t be sold to anyone else. We’ll handle the transaction automatically with your payment info on file.

Of course, we’ll still be stocking  and selling products not part of Be Lean & Save Green. However, they will be full retail price since we are basically keeping the products in stock until someone purchases them. Given the fact that you are helping us save time, we are showing our appreciation with the chance for you to save up to 20% on all of your supplement needs. Simple. You save us time, we give you a discount! All supplements qualify. 

Click here to send us your order requests right away! Write “Be Lean & Save Green” in the subject, and in the body of the email just let us know exactly what products you’d like. 

*offer excludes C2O, FitAid, Aqua Hydrate, and RX Bars

**subject to change without notice

Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to getting as many of you set up as possible and streamlining your supplement needs.

-CrownTown Staff

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