It’s offical, CrownTown sends another athlete to The CrossFit Games…

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From the fundamentals to the FINALS! Nobody has been more consistent, or worked harder than Joe Merriam. He’s been participating in the CrossFit Games Open since 2012. Joe is 52 years old and competes in the 50-54 year old Masters Division. In the Open, 7,000 men were in this division worldwide. Joe finished 43rd place in the Open. After the five grueling weeks of the Open, the top 200 men in the world in his division advance to the next stage of competition. This is called the Online Regional Qualifier. At that point, you carry your ranking from the Open into the Online Regional Qualifier. Therefore, Joe started the competition in 43rd place. From the top 200 in the world, they take the top 20 that advance to the holy grail of CrossFit, The CrossFit Games. The Online Regional Qualifier is 4 workouts, to be completed in as many days, all videoed and judged. After review of the final scores, Joe finished in 14th place, undoubtedly punching his ticket to the Games!

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When we say “consistent”, we mean it. 2015 he finished in 23rd place, narrowly missing the top 20. Then, again, in 2016 he finished in 24th place, just missing by 4 spots. Being that close two years straight had to be discouraging. Besides, he’s getting older in the same division, as new younger athletes are making their way in. However, that didn’t deter Joe.

Joe trains consistently 5-6 days per week at 6:30am. He always pushes himself and strives to be better each day. He also ate well for years, but it wasn’t until 2017 he made a few small adjustments. He added several days a week of “SHRED”, he completed the “Accessory Work” daily and he dialed in his nutrition by weighing and measuring all of his portions. This allowed him to lose some excess body fat, increase his aerobic base, and keep his body feeling healthy. He is literally the epitome of trusting the program to the fullest by listening to the Coaches and putting in the time and effort needed to be successful.

Furthermore, this is even more impressive considering that he’s balancing all of this with being a husband, father, and a business owner. Throughout the 2017 Open and Qualifiers, Joe was juggling all of this while traveling back and forth from the East Coast each week. He was taking his son Dylan, professional Supercross rider, to be with him at every race.

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Athlete spotlight: Joe M. We started training Joe in 2009. His fitness increased substantially from 2009-2013. However, it wasn't until he really focused on his nutrition until he unlocked his potential. CrossFit combined with our unique specialty programs are proven to be the most effective for reaching the highest of levels of fitness. Although, this is just further proof that those things can only take you so far. We've been involved with fitness for over 20 years and we've seen first hand that regardless of how you train, you must eat right in order to look and feel your best. If your mindset is "I train this hard so I can eat what I want", then we have news for you. Genetics and/or age only lasts so long. Whether you are blessed with one or both of these, it will catch up with you sooner or later. Either change your behavior towards eating, or suffer from never looking and feeling your best. #FoodForThought #Nutrition #CrossFit #SHRED #BaseFit #Oly #Endurance #Mobility #Yoga #Pilates #CrossFitCrownTown #Gym #Fitness #Corona

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We have been training Joe since 2009, when he first began CrossFit. We are extremely proud of Joe’s accomplishment and especially honored that he trusts us to help guide him in the right way.

The CrossFit Games will be August 3-6 in Madison, Wisconsin. You’ll be able to attend the event, or watch online. As the competition gets near, we’ll post details about Joe’s heat, lane, etc.

We’re in the process of designing a custom shirt and tank top, so if you’d like to support Joe’s journey to the Games in August, keep your ears and eyes open for when we make the shirts available for sale.

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  1. Suzanne Nezin says:

    So proud to know Joe, and in awe of his tenacity.

  2. GO JOE!!! Great inspiration.

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