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You’ve probably heard by now that we are in the process of adding a new feature for all members to our gym.

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MYZONE is the technology

Brief explanation of what Zone Training is.

Zone 2 explanation

This new feature is giving us the opportunity to add more value to all CrossFit memberships through the addition of a Zone 2 Class. Starting December 2nd at 4pm, we’ll be launching the new supplemental program. To start, we will offer it every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30am and every Tuesday and Friday at 4pm. The class will be 60 minutes in duration. The first five minutes will be a quick WOD explanation and setting up stations. We will go right into the workout and it will last 50 minutes. The last five minutes of the hour will be to clean up stations and perform a light stretching for a warm down.

MYZONE screen at the gym

Traditionally, Zone 2 training is a single modality performed for 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Example, jogging, rowing, biking, swimming, etc. Not mixing them, but doing one and just trying to stay in Zone 2 for the benefits. What we envisioned is to make Zone 2 more fun by creating an environment that uses the benefits of CrossFit (group training, instructor led, mixing modalities, etc), but at the same time, staying in a Zone 2 heart rate range for the same benefits. There are a few reasons why we want to do this. Firstly, it will be more fun to do Zone 2 (conversational pace) with your friends instead of alone. Secondly, by switching up the movements and stations we are able to use different muscles. This is huge in injury prevention. When you run for 50 minutes straight, the amount of damage you do to the same muscles is not easy to recover from. Over time this creates overuse injuries (too much use not enough recovery). With our Zone 2 style of training, we’ll be avoiding this by using the benefits of CrossFit to achieve Zone 2 results. Imagine a class where there are 5 stations (Rowing, Biking, Basic Jump Roping, Shadow Boxing, Step-ups), and we perform work for 5 minutes at each station, rotating through with a continuously running clock. And we do 2 rounds of that. Exactly 50 minutes of work. All in Zone 2. So, we are burning fat, increasing our aerobic base, improving cardio vascular health, and clearing out built up lactate in the muscles from CrossFit training. In our opinion, too many people do too much Zone 4 and Zone 5 and not enough Zone 2. So, instead of telling you to do Zone 2 on your own, we are providing an opportunity for you to do it. Our goal is to make you as fit as possible. The only way you are going to achieve this is if you incorporate Zone 2 training balanced with CrossFit. Balance is key.

Furthermore, this kind of training is not “sexy”. You aren’t going to see many Instagram posts doing it, but if you look at www.crossfit.com you will see that it programs 10k runs, 30 minute Rows, long, slow workouts. WODs that instruct you to go slow. Basically, Zone 2. Many people skip these days so they can fit in another strength session, or metcon. Most gym owners don’t program them. I get it. However, avoiding something because it isn’t fun, or you’re afraid of people not showing up to class, or because people want more strength or metcons is not the right idea. 99% of us are not training for the CrossFit Games. We are training to look better naked, reduce body fat, increase lean mass and just feel better. By including Zone 2 we are going to do a better job at this.

You can also use the MYZONE app to perform Zone 2 outside of the gym.

Another benefit this will allow the Coach to use science to our advantage by helping to ensure that during a CrossFit workout you are in the proper Zone. Some workouts we do are intended to be in Zone 4, but you may be pacing it wrong and going too hard too quick. You will burn out and not end up doing as much work as you could have if you were in the correct zone. Maybe it’s meant to be a Zone 5 and you are in a Zone 3 or 4. No more guessing, if you paced it correctly.

The options are endless and the information is, too. The bottom line is we are very excited to include this in your CrossFit membership at no additional cost. Our goal is simple. To give YOU as much value as possbile by staying on the cutting edge, separating ourselves from the competition and proving to you that having a membership at CrossFit CrownTown is the best thing you ever done for your health and fitness.

We look forward to this feature and new supplemental program developing further. Give us your feedback and let us know how we can make changes or additions to help you!

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