Front Squats
E2MO2M x 6 sets of:
Rd 1 = 3 reps
Rd 2 = 2 reps
Rd 3 = 1 rep
repeat*this is a wave that you choose loads. Goal is to build to today’s 1 rep


EMOM x 18 of:
Minute 1 = 5 Front Squats (from floor), 225/135
Minute 2 = 6/4 Muscle-ups
Minute 3 = 50 Double Unders


A. EMOM x 6 of Strict Chest to Bar Pull-ups (choose a number you can do unbroken each set; try to increase from last week)
B. 3 x Max reps Matador Dips, rest as needed
C. 100 Hollow Rocks

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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