Arbi-Q looking focused on those TGU’s.



With a partner:
4 rounds of:
1 mile Bike, each

immediately into:

4 rounds of:
1,000/800 meter Row, each


Barbell Bridges, heavy

4 X 10


A. 3 x 10 Close Grip Bench Press
B. 3 x 6 Bent Over Rows
C. 4 x max reps of GH Raises



4, 4 minute rounds to:
Run 400 meters:
In remaining time:
Rd 1 = Max DB Snatch, alternating
Rd 2 = Max Box Jump Overs
Rd 3 = Knees to Elbows
Rd 4 = DB Push Press

*rest 1 minute between rounds



Overall accumulate 7 min hang in supination (over the hour of mobility)

Rocking table: 30 sec 3 sets

Twisting thoracic (reaching under) 30-90 sec pause 6-10 rounds

Shoulder extension (static hold 20sec and dynamic walks)

Yoga bridge stretch (30 sec 4 rounds)

Thoracic band pulls and superman band pulls

Loaded triceps extension 60 sec 4 rounds

Loaded overhead 20sec 6 sounds

Loaded global extension 20 sec 6 rounds

Extension over GHD 20 sec 6 rounds

Bridge holds 60 sec

Bridge push ups

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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