7.9.15 – WOD 

Saturday’s mobility class led by Physical Therapist, Denise F. We have this class every Thursday at 8:30am and every Saturday at 10am. This class is not to be confused with a Yoga or stretching class. Those are other forms of recovery. Denise uses her extraordinary skill set to teach members how to perform daily maintenance on themselves. Training for performance with a byproduct of looking like an athlete requires special attention to your muscle tissues. 10 minutes per day will keep you supple and limber. Come see for yourself how much better you feel after spending an hour with Denise. 




For Quality:

9-6-3 Muscle-ups

21-15-9 Hollow Rocks

42-30-18 Double Unders 


EMOM x 20 of:

1 Deadlift (pause 1 second in Power Position) 

1 Clean (Full)

1 Front Squat 

1 Jerk 

• score will be average load across all 20 sets

Optional Accesory Work:

2,000 meter Warm Down Row

• every 2 minutes get off the Rower and do 10 Toes to Bar 



25 minute Partner AMRAP of:

Partner A) Run 200 meters w/ Medball 

Partner B) Rounds of “Cindy”

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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