6.10.15 – WOD 


Athlete: Mannie O. took the top spot of the podium and qualified for the Nationals in Vegas. Way to rep CrownTown! 




Back Squat 4 x 8, same loads across

• Deload week use loads between 40-50% of your 1RM; not more 

Hero WOD


5 rounds for time of:

225/155 pounds cleans, 3 reps 

200-meter sprint

20 kettlebell snatches, Blue/Pink, 10 each arm

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

U.S. Air Force Capt. Ryan P. Hall, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, died Feb. 18, 2012, near Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Africa, when his single-engine U-28 aircraft crashed. There were four total fatalities. The 30-year-old was assigned to the 319th Special Operations Squadron, Hurlburt Field, Florida. Hall is survived by his parents, Dennis and Kliffa; girlfriend, Marianne Vicente; brother and sister-in-law, Brandon and Karin; brother, Damon; grandmothers, Jean Hall and Nayda Nunn; and nieces and nephews, Erika, Natalie, Izabelleh, Evan and Noah.

Warm down:

6 minutes of light cardio (you choose modality)

3 x superset style of:

15 DB Reverse Fly, light with no momentum –> only movement is at shoulder joint 

1 minute in Puppy Dog stretch


WOD: 4 rounds for Reps of:

1 minute Pull-ups

1 minute Push-ups

1 minute One Legged Squats 

1 minute ABMAT SU

1 minute Rest 

Warm down:

same as CrossFit 

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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