2.17.15 – WOD

Athlete: Dylan M., just turned 18 years old. Happy belated, Dylan! Looking great.


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Oly WOD:
Sn 50/4×2 65/3 75/2 80/2 85/1 90/1 95/1 98/1 test/1 – no more than 4 attempts, then 90 of the successful max for two sets of singles and 80/(2+2)x2

SQ 50/8 60/6 70/4 75/3 80/3×3

Press in Split 5 x 5

Endurance WOD:
Warm up:
Ride AD for 5 min
3 RFQ:
Butt kicks to rig
High knees back
Inchworm to cobra to rig 
Knee hugs back
Cheerleaders to rig
Flamingo back
Run 2,000m
Record 200m recovery jog
Record 200m recovery jog
Record 200m recovery jog recovery jog
Warm down:
Barbell smash quads :90 ea quad
Calf stretch :90 ea calf

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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