2.10.15 – WOD

Athlete: Nicole L. during the hero workout “JT” showing her ideal setup for pike Handstand Push-ups.


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Endurance WOD:
Warm up:
Jog 400m
CFCT foam roll
2 RFQ:
20 hard pulls on rower
Inch worm to cobra to rig
Bear crawl back to rower
Strength: 10 min
Weighted barbell good mornings
Keep everything nice and tight, focus on bringing your hips back slowly. Then on the way up you are driving your hips forward explosively.
WOD: Row Workout
4 RFQ:
500m@ mod pace (2kpace +10sec)
1 min rest
300 max effort sprint
:30 rest
100m recovery row 
:15 rest
Cool down
800 meter jog
*Compare results to 10/14/14

Oly WOD:
Cl/J 50/(4+4)x2 60/3+3 70/2+2 75/2+2 80/(1+1)x4

SQ 50/8 60/6 70/4 75/3 80/3 75/6 max/10

Press in Split 5 x 5

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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