12.26.14 – WOD

The best time we thought to program this long workout was the day after Christmas to burn off all that extra food you didn’t need to eat. So, please join us at 8am tomorrow morning. ALL members are welcome. Let’s have a great turnout and use that extra fuel for something productive!

12 Days of Christmas CrownTown WOD:

With a partner OR on your own; Just like the song…

1- Wall Climb
2- Thruster, 95/65
3- Ring Dip (Muscle-up, if possible)
4- T2B
5- Burpee Box Jump
6- DB Snatch (3/3)
7- Hang Power Clean, 95/65
8- Pull-ups
9- KBS
10- Air Squat
11- Wall Ball
12- Man Makers

1- 200 meter Run
2- Clapping Push-ups
3- Supermen
4- V-ups
5- Knees to Elbow
6- Jumping Lunges
7- KBS
8- Goblet Squats
9- Pull-ups
10- SDHP w/ KB
11- Handstand Push-ups
12- KB TGU

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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