11.19.14 – WOD

Athlete: Gail A. showing great overhead stability and ideal footwork with the Split Snatch exercise.



Partner up and Row for 8 minutes for max meters switching every 250 meters

Build to a 5RM Back Squat, then;
Two more sets of 5 reps taking off 45/25 each time

For time:
1 minute L-Sit Hold
21 Front Squats, 115/75 pounds
21 Push Press, 115/75 pounds
45 second L-Sit Hold
15 Front Squats
15 Push Press
30 second L-Sit Hold
9 Front Squat
9 Push Press

*this WOD has a 15 minute cap

4 minutes total (2 mins each side) of any stretch from the posters that you have not tried before


3 x for quality of:
10 Strict Pull-ups
10 HR Push-ups
10 Prisoner Squats

For time:
Run 800 meters
50 Wall Balls
50 Medball ABMAT wall ball sit-ups
Rest 3 minutes
Run 600 meters
35 Wall Balls
35 Medball ABMAT wall ball sit-ups
Rest 2 minutes
Run 400 meters
20 Wall Balls
20 Medball ABMAT wall ball sit-ups
Rest 1 minute
25 Burpees as fast as possible

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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