10.16.14 – WOD

Working out in the fresh air during a BaseFit class is motivating. Just ask Vanessa, Elijah and Tim.



2 x for 30 feet each movement:
Knee Pulls to chest
Heel Pulls to butt
Toe pulls
Lateral Lunges
Scissor Kicks

*coach will take class through the above piece. Athletes will take themselves through this below piece.

Then 2 x for Quality of:
10 Scorpions w/ 2 sec pause
10 OH Duck Walk w/ PVC (10 forward + 10 back)
10 PVC Pass Thrus lying on chest w/ 5#

Test 1:
1RM Snatch (Full)

*12 minute cap

Test 2:

*12 minute time cap

In order to balance the programming for our conditioning today given the fact that every class did a separate WOD and different muscles/systems were taxed, it only makes sense for the theme to be “Prom”. With that said, guys it’s your turn.

*nothing over 15 minutes


Same as CrossFit (Part 1)

10 minute AMRep of:
Wall Balls, 20/14

EMOM 1-5 perform 5 OH Lunges, 45/25

EMOM 6-10 perform 10 V-ups

Rest 5 minutes

50 Burpees as fast as possible

BaseFit for Kids:

Same as above except 25 Burpees at end

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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