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The coolest tattoo I have ever seen. A member of CrownTown had a life changing experience with CrossFit. After making some lifestyle changes with her exercise and nutrition she has successfully overcame cervical cancer. We are very proud of her.



Original post from 2012, “Here is Wednesday’s WOD. I’m posting early due to it being a hero WOD in remembrance of 9/11/01. I took some significant numbers from the tragedy and created the perfect workout to honor these men/women while still coinciding with our overall programming.”

2,976 Americans lost their lives as a result of 9/11
343 Firefighters lost their lives as a result of 9/11
60 Police Officers lost their lives as a result of 9/11


1) foam roll for 2 minutes
2) pick two mobility exercises from the poster for running and perform each exercise for 2 minutes on each side. i.e., both exercises and both sides will take eight minutes
3) before mobility and set up of WOD, the class must complete 343 burpees as a whole. The coach may also participate in this. Doesn’t matter if there is 1 member or 16 members in that class. 343 burpees must be completed. Each burpee being completed will honor one fallen hero (firefighter).


20 minute AMRAP of:

9 – Power Snatch, 135/95 pounds
11 – Ring Push-ups
2001′ – Run

Run – 2001 feet = 609 meters. We’ll do a 600 meter loop

Cool down: CrownTown has 10 classes on Wednesday. As a community, we are going to do one sit-up per life lost. So,…2,976 lives lost divided by ten group classes total equals 300 sit-ups per class. One person may do all 300 reps, or you can divide them evenly amongst the group. Feel free to break up in any way, as long as the work gets done. Immediately upon finishing your portion of the sit-ups, you must accumulate :60 in the L-Sit position. :60 is one second for each Police Officer that gave their lives protecting the innocent. It doesn’t have to be unbroken you just have to keep track on a running clock and you’re finished once you collect :60 worth of L-Sits.


5 minutes of Double Under practice

EMOM x 30 of:
Minute 1 = 10 mountain Climbers (2 count)
Minute 2 = 15 Russian KB Swings
Minute 3 = 20 Push-ups

BaseFit for Kids:
Same as above except Push-ups = 10

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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