8.12.14 – WOD

Athlete: Kip F.


***Gym hours are 5:30-7:30am, 9-10am, 12-2pm, 5-8pm, details below***

5:30-6:30am = Women CrossFit

6:30-7:30am = Olympic Weightlifting class

9-10am = Women CrossFit

12-2pm = Extra Open Hours

5-6pm = Endurance class / Youth Strength & Conditioning program / Extra Open Gym Hours

6-7pm = Women CrossFit

7-8pm = CrossFit

Oly WOD:

Snatch (Bkn) 50|4×2 60|3×2 65|2×2 70|2×2

Clean Pull 80|5 90|4×4

Snatch Grip Deadlift 50|8 60|6 70|4 80|4×2

Endurance WOD:

Warm up:
5 min airdyne at a moderate pace
3 RFQ:
10 inch worm to cobra
10 lunges with a twist
25 Dubs
100m build up sprint

2 min max box jumps 24/20″

2 rounds:
3x600s with a :45 rest in between 
You need to record your splits.
5 min rest in between rounds. 
Jog an easy 200m during 5 min rest.
* I will give you a target pace. You must stay within a 5-10 sec window of your pace. There will be a burpee penalty every time you fall off pace. 

Cool down
Calf stretch 3 min ea leg

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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