7.14.14 – WOD

Athlete: Paco from BaseFit



Warm-up: EMOM x 10 of:

Odds = 50 Double Unders (or choose a manageable number that is challenging but doable)

Evens = 30 Sec Bridge Up hold

Strength: Back Squats 5 x 7

*build up quickly then choose a load you can handle for all 5 sets

WOD: Choose one:

1) 21-15-9 of Thrusters (95/65) & Pull-ups

2) 15-12-9 of Thusters (115/75) & Chest to Bar Pull-ups

3) 12-9-6 of Thrusters (135/95) & Bar Muscle-ups

*all versions have a 10 minute cap

Warm down: Walk 400m then couch stretch 2 minutes each leg


Warm-up: Jog 600 meters, CFCT Foam Roll Sequence

WOD: Teams of 3 for time:

200m x 6 relay Run
100 KB Swings
75 Wall Balls
50 Strict Pull-ups
75 Wall Balls
100 KB Swings
200m x 3 relay Run

*this WOD has a 40 minute time cap

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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