4.17.14 – WOD




Warm-up: 2 rounds for Quality of:

10 inch worm to cobras
10 punter kicks, each leg
10 lateral leg swings, each leg
10 jumping shrugs with 45/33 pound barbell
10 Scapula Retractions
10 Arm Circles
10 Torso Twists
10 Rotator Cuff curls, 5 pound plates

WOD: Coach Melissa’s 28th birthday WOD

For time:

400 meter Run
28 Power Snatch, 135/95 pounds
28 Toes to Bar
400 meter Run
28 Power Clean, 135/95
28 HR Push-ups
400 meter Run
28 Deadlifts, 135/95 pounds
28 Burpees
400 meter Run
28 Shoulder to Overhead, 135/95 pounds
28 Knees to Elbow
400 meter Run

*this WOD has a 28 minute time cap


WOD: For reps & time:

Tabata Bottom to Bottom squats
Immediately followed by:
1 mile Run

*clock starts at zero, after Tabata (4 minutes), you immediately start your mile time, at the 20 minute mark, 20 Turkish Get ups for time (10 each side) with a KB/DB/Small plate, EMOM starting at 20 minutes you must stop and perform 3 Burpees. Clock stops at 30 minutes. For every TGU you have left after 30 minutes there is a 25 Burpee penalty to be redeemed on the spot. It pays to be fit.

Mobility Class on Thursday at 8:30am

MWOD: 20140416-205732.jpg

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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