4.5.14 – WOD


Mobility class at 10am

Saturday CrossFit:

7:30am or 9am

Partner WOD:

Grab a partner. Add up your bodyweights (try to find a partner close to your bodyweight; scale is in front lobby if anyone needs it). Divide the total by 2. This is your average weight. Use that weight as a multiplier for the WOD.

For time:

100 Double Unders (total)


10-8-6-4-2 of:

1.5/1.25 times Bodyweight Deadlift

Bodyweight/65% BW Bench Press

.60 Bodyweight Power Shatch


20 HSPU (each)

*one person working at a time, both partners can contribute to 100 Double unders


partner A does 10-10-10 of all movements, then partner B does 10-10-10 of all movements, then partner A does 8-8-8 of all movements, then partner b does 8-8-8. Do this until both partners have completed all sets.

Then Partner A does 20 HSPU, then when partner A finishes Partner B does 20. Then workout is over.

Cool down: mobility class

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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