4.1.14 – Schedule


Athlete: Heather Sorrendino rowing during Monday’s BaseFit workout. Heather and her husband, Tim, and their two daughters all workout at CrownTown. Family’s that CrossFit together, stay together.


***Gym hours are 5:30-6:30am, 9-10am, 12-2pm, 5-8pm, details below***

5:30-6:30am = Women CrossFit

9-10am = Women CrossFit

12-2pm = Extra Open Gym hours

5-6pm = Endurance class / Extra Open Gym hours

6-7pm = Women CrossFit

7-8pm = Quicksilver CrossFit group class / Monday make-up WOD

Endurance WOD:

Warm up:
Ride airdyne for 5 min at warm up pace
Then 3RFQ
Bear crawl 50m
Crab walk 50m
Butt kicks 50m
High Knees 50m
10 Punter kicks 
10 forward arm circles 
10 backward arm circles 


Run 1 mile for time
Rest 5min
Run 800m for time
Rest 4min
Run 600m for time
Rest 3:00 min
Run 400m for time
Rest 2min
Run 200m for time
**I expect the runs to be all out efforts. I gave you enough rest between runs that you should feel recovered. I want all runs recorded we will be using these in the future. 

Cool down
Calf stretch 2 min ea leg
Couch stretch 2 min ea leg 


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