3.11.14 – Schedule



***Gym hours are 5:30-8am, 9-10am, 12-2pm, 5-8pm, details below***

5:30-6:30am = Women CrossFit

6:30-8am = Extra Open Gym hours

9-10am = Women CrossFit

12:15-2:15pm = Extra Open Gym hours

5-6pm = Endurance class / CrossFit Open Gym (WOD is posted below)

6-7pm = Women CrossFit

7-8pm = Quicksilver CrossFit group class / Monday make-up WOD

8-9:30pm = On-ramp Session #3

Endurance WOD:


60 yard shuttle run
10 punter kicks
8 world’s greatest stretch
6 inch worm to cobra
4 plow to sit and reach
Followed by dynamic s

WOD: Hill sprints 10 Rounds
:20 max distance
1:40 rest during this time you will make your way back to start.

Cool Down:
1 mile jog then
Elevated hamstring stretch 2 min ea leg
Calf stretch 2 min ea leg

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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