2.6.14 – WOD


Thursday & Friday


A) 1000m Row TT

B) “Karen”

150 Wall Balls for time, 20/14 pound ball at a 10/9 foot target

C) 3 X Max Effort Unbroken:

Pull-ups, rest as much as you need between efforts



WOD: With a 30 minute running clock:

3 rounds of:
3 minutes of max Air Squats
2 minutes of max KB Swings
1 minute of max Squat Thrusts
– no rest
6 minute window to Run 600 meters. With remaining time perform max Box Jumps
– no rest
6 minute window to do 45 Box Jumps. With remaining time perform max HR Push-ups

*score is the sum of all reps performed within 30 minutes except the 600 meter Run and the 45 box jumps. Those are buy-ins.

MWOD: Thursday at 8:30am


Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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