11.30.13 – WOD




7:30am & 9am: it’s “Secret Saturday” WOD is announced upon arrival

Remember all CrossFit style workouts are scalable and modifiable to each individuals fitness level

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8 Responses to 11.30.13 – WOD

  1. Dominic Rabay says:

    b. 5 hill sprints
    c. 9 on db
    d. 2:45 t2b
    e. complete

  2. Eric H says:

    B) completed
    C) 6 breathing completed sets
    D) 94 reps
    E) 4:28 t2b
    F) completed

  3. Veronica Ascencio says:

    B. completed
    C. 6
    D. 76 reps , Rx
    E. 7:00 , rom
    F. Completed

  4. Kim Wisnia says:

    c-5 reps
    d-67 reps rxd

  5. Sarah Lewis says:

    B completed
    C 7 reps
    D 102 RX
    E 4:34
    F completed

  6. pnewell says:

    B) Unable to completed – hurt my knee
    C) Same as above
    D) Modified with sit-ups for cleans, 141 reps
    E:) 5:58
    F) Completed – push-ups

  7. Randy Lewis says:

    B. Completed
    C. 8 reps
    D. 99 Reps RX
    E. 3:10
    F. Completed

  8. Chris Olson says:

    B. Completed
    C. 4 reps
    D. 95reps

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